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  • DSC 0433

    Dig The New Breed

    Once seen as a new breed of 4x4 built to stay on the road, the Nissan Terrano is more hardcore than almost anything you can buy these days. You can get a decent used one for next to no money – and if you follow Paul Harber’s lead, making the...

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  • 0909mitchmain1

    The First Of The Few

    Modified Nissan Terranos are almost unheard-of in off-road circles.  So Bill Mitchell’s 1995 three-door is something very special – not least because it’s a forerunner for something that promises to be more special still…

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  • TOR VF 130504 3 38

    Nissan Terrano ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    The Nissan Terrano has always been a 4x4 that appeals to people who know what they’re talking about. In commercial form, it appeals more than ever – especially when you consider how hard it’s going to be for the Chancellor to worm his tentacles into it.

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