Ram Mount's Latest For Phones and Sat-Navs

Originally Published: October 2014

Latest from the ever-ingenious people at Ram-Mount is the X-Grip Smartphone Suction Mount. This is suitable for any smartphone or sat-nav device, with a spring-loaded, adjustable, four-legged design that features rubber tips for secure positioning.

The mount uses a 3” suction base with a patented rubber ball and socket system allowing for adjustments at each end, meaning the correct viewing angle should never be hard to get. It costs £45 including VAT, and there’s a heavy-duty version available too.

Also new is the Defender Mirror Mount. This is essentially a temporary replacement for the rear view mirror, allowing you to mount navigational devices or tablets in a convenient position that saves space on the dashboard while giving you a good view of the device.

There’s no need to get your drill out for this mount, which promises to get you up and running within five minutes when you use the supplied fixings. Once fitted, you can apply one of Ram-Mount’s socket arms (purchased separately) to hold whichever device you like – our picture shows it in use with an iPad Mini.

This mount is finished in a black powder coating and costs £18, again including the VAT. Head for www.ram-mount.co.uk to find out everything else you need to know.


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