Ring Reinvents The Bungee

Originally Published: October 2014

Say you need to secure a toolbox, or maybe a load of logs, in the back of your truck. Some people would turn to rope as the best solution: others would resort to the bungee cord.

A new solution from Ring is BungeeClic, a complete system for securing loads. It’s designed to have the benefits of both – without the drawbacks.

You can customise the system in a variety of ways to build the correct length ties needed – meaning, Ring says, no unsafe coupling or inadequate lengths.

The system uses traditional bungee cords with patented end tips. A range of accessories attach to the tips, allowing you to alter the device to the needs of the object to be secured.

Straight connecters, for example, provide precision length adjustments for every job, while double-Y connectors let you build in all sorts of netting shapes. Steel J-hooks, carabiners and lockable hooks, meanwhile, provide a more secure and safer fitment.

It all adds up to a system that promises to handle virtually any load. Simply push the connections together, twist and click to lock. All the materials in the range have been extensively tested to ensure they are sturdy and durable, as well as to withstand intense ultraviolet rays and adverse weather conditions.

The system has a suggested retail price of £9.99 and comes as a kit containing a selection of hooks and connectors as well as three cords of varying lengths. For more info, click (geddit) on www.ringautomotive.co.uk.


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