Headrest Mounting for In-Car Cameras

Originally Published: April 2015

In the last few years, there has been a growing fascination with video recording equipment. You can stick cameras to your windscreen, dashboard or even helmet in order to capture your mobilised moments – there’s no end of comical and/or horrifying bits of video going around on the internet, and you only need to look at the tragic air crash in Taiwan to demonstrate the spread of these things.

GoPro cameras and the like have caught on in the off-road world, too. Trouble is, not all of the mounts on the market are up to it, and some of them can be quite fiddly too.

Enter stage left Chris Dymond. He’s a professional racing driver and coach, and is the creator of Headrest Mount.

‘A number of my customers on track days had cameras removed from their cars because they were not physically attached,’ explains Chris. ‘However, since launching Headrest Mount last year, we are have had a lot of interest coming from the 4x4 community.’

The unit can be used in any car – providing it has headrests, of course. That makes it ideal for green laning, playdays, trialling and so on – or just keeping an eye on your daily commute, so you can find fame on YouTube if you get lucky and a mighty great road rage battle kicks off in front of you.

Weighing in at just 800g, the mount is made from high-grade aluminium with stainless steel, and fully anodised to create one durable and smart-looking product. It’s also compatible with virtually every camera out there, using the industry-standard ¼” tripod thread.

There are two Headrest Mounts available at the moment: Standard and Deluxe. The former costs £120 plus P&P and includes the mount itself, a 60mm mounting post and a 7-hole mounting arm.

If you go Deluxe, you get the Standard package plus a 125mm mounting post and 10-hole mounting arm. This version is priced at £188.40 plus P&P.

Whichever you go for, it’s available in red, matt black, blue and gold. If you want to shoot for an Oscar (or just attract the ridicule of all your friends), you can even specify custom engraving or have jewels set into your mount…

Much more interesting is the fact that a new model has just been launched for single-pillared headrests, as found in a lot of custom and aftermarket seats. Watch this space for sport and bucket seat adaptations, too – and in the meantime, pay a visit to www.headrestmount.co.uk to find out more.


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