Rev Counter For Landies and More

Originally Published: May 2013

Vmaxbitz has launched a new 52mm fitment in both its Smiths Flight and Prism ranges of RPM gauges. This has been heavily requested by 4x4 owners, it says, especially those with Land Rovers.

The sort of Landy many TOR readers drive doesn’t need a rev counter, obviously, because you can tell the speed of the engine by how quickly your teeth fall out. But with Vmaxbitz’s new gauge designed to slot into the hole where the original analogue clock came out, even if yours is an old beater you’ll still benefit from knowing how much abuse you’re inflicting, especially if you cane it off-road on a regular basis.

Fitting the gauge sounds about as easy as it gets. According to Vmaxbitz, you just connect it directly to the coil on petrol engines or the W-wire from the alternator on diesels. And hey presto, your old clock has been replaced with ‘a gauge that has a useful function.’

The gauges are only available from Vmazbitz, so pay a visit to and prepare to get (sorry) revved up about them.


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