Sealey's wheelie useful step-up....

Originally Published: October 2015

WHILE WORKING ON 4X4S is a joy we (generally) appreciate, there are times when manoeuvring around the engine bay could be a lot easier. These normally involve not being tall enough to reach all the way in, which is something you can only combat by eating more Weetabix when you’re young – and the ship may have sailed on that one for most of us by now.

That’s where the Sealey Folding Wheel Step comes in. It may not be revolutionary, or indeed the first time you’ve come across a wheel step, but if you’re one of the many who still trust a rickety old upturned box for extra height when spannering deep in the depths, this might come as a timely reminder than there is a better way.

The fold-away step can be popped into place in moments, giving you a ‘leg-up’ should you need it – or even a place to park your backside while having a tea break. It’s nice and small, too, so it can be stored in the vehicle for whenever you need it – be that at home or out in the field.
The step, with its three adjustable height settings, fits tyres up to 10” deep and with a wheel diameter of between 14-20”. It’s not for trucks with mongo lifts and the rubber to match, then, but if you run your 4x4 as nature intended it’ll be perfect.

The rubber-topped platform means you shouldn’t be wrong footed once up there, which has got to be a good thing. The step is priced at £59.94 including VAT – to find out more, your next step (sorry) is to visit


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