Multi-Purpose Coating In A Can

Originally Published: October 2013

A few months ago, we told you about the acoustic barrier material from Boom Mat that can help shut up the incessant drumming from the back of 4x4 vans. Now comes the company’s latest idea – a ‘spray on’ coating in a tin that promises to ‘eliminate squeaks, rattles and vibration in hard to reach places.’

We should point out that when the vibration is coming from a dying prop UJ or the squeaks and rattles are caused by the fact that it’s an aged Land Rover whose panels are held on with baling twine and chewing gum, the solution lies elsewhere. But where this stuff scores is by being able to reduce everyday cabin noise and vibration, add a layer of thermal insulation or protect metalwork from stones, gravel and other debris – without the time, hassle and expense of a traditional undersealing process.

We can’t comment on whether it’ll be as effective (the care with which it’s applied will have a bearing here), but Boom Mat says it’ll dry to a textured, paintable finish without chips or cracks in 20 minutes, and that one 18oz can will cover about 20 square feet. Suggested uses include wheel wells and the inside of body panels, but with a heat tolerance of up to about 150°C it’ll soldier on in less hospitable environments too.

No, not including prop UJs. This is the sort of stuff us knuckle-scraping off-road monkeys tend to sneer at, but just try thinking of a better way to dampen out the road noise coming through a chassis full of hard-to-reach rust traps. Yeah, see? The place to go is


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