Now they’re making rope shackles, too…

Originally Published: January 2016

HERE’S AN INTERESTING ALTERNATIVE to a traditional shackle. Britpart is now stocking Dynaline shackles, made from 8mm Dyneema SK78.

With a minimum breaking load of 5830kg, these are strong enough to do the job in the majority of everyday off-road recoveries. They’re particularly handy for joining two ropes together, however, or for use when recovering an everyday car – in which case, large steel shackles are often bigger than you need and, in a more confined operating area, pose a greater risk of damaging the bodywork near the stricken vehicle’s recovery points.

Britpart also points out that with a Dynaline shackle will be a lot less dangerous in the event of a rope or strop failure, due to the much lower level of kinetic energy it stores. Supplied in pairs, they weight a barely noticeable 40kg each. As always, a bit of searching will yield the best prices, but is never a bad place to start.

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