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  • trailmaster suspension kit

    Full Suspension Lift Kits For Wrangler

    Total Off-Road sees quite a few Trailmaster products, but they tend to be specific items such as the sway-bar links we previously wrote about. The company also does full suspension kits for the Wrangler JK, though, and by ‘full’ we do mean just that.

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  • Trailmaster2

    Euro-Made Suspension Kit For Jeeps

    Trailmaster's range of suspension upgrades is growing all the time, and the latest addition is the new +50mm Combat system for the Jeep Wrangler JK. The company has also announced major updates to its +75mm kit for the same vehicle.

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  • Combat 1

    Trail Master Springs Into Action

    MAAS Group, the name behind Trail Master, has introduced a new line of suspension products for Jeeps of various eras. The Combat range is designed to come in at a lower price than Trail Master itself, without losing the build quality it’s known for – something the company’s boss Hans-Joachim...

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