Ideal For Laning Days: A 12V Plug-In Cool Bag

Originally Published: July 2013

As we write this, the sun is shining. By the time you read it, we’ll probably be into the now-traditional Great-British-six-month-long-autumn-that-starts-in-mid-June, but never mind. We all still think we’re going to have a summer, and that can only mean one thing: cool bags.

As cool bags go, Waeco’s S32 is very cool indeed. And it’s relevant, too, to all of us who don’t own a fully kitted expedition truck with a grand’s worth of plumbed-in fridge in the back.

Why? Because this little beauty ain’t no normal cool bag. It’s the kind of cool bag you plug in to a 12-volt socket, and with a capacity of 32 litres it’ll provide all the refrigeration 99% of 4x4 drivers will ever need. Soft drinks that don’t taste like sweetened warm tar by mid-morning? Sandwiches you can still eat by lunchtime without needing to spend the afternoon throwing up? A visit to the chiller in the last local shop you pass on the way to the lanes? Sorted, sorted and sorted.

Made from hardwearing polyester, the S32 has an easy-access bottle compartment and various outside pockets, nets and zip storage. It packs away to an easily-stashed 40 x 14 x 37 cm, too, so it’s nice and small. As is its price: we spotted it at Sewell of Leeds, where £43 including VAT (but plus carriage) is all it takes to turn your cool factor up to max. Go find them at


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