Mighty New Light Bars From Lazer

Originally Published: September 2016

Do you know what a lux is? It’s a measure of illumination, and even the smallest of the latest Triple-R lamps from Lazer has one. That may sounds mighty dull but it means you could read a newspaper by its light at a distance of 900m.

 And that’s just the Triple-R 16. Move on up to the Triple-R 28 and it’s capable of lighting up your newsprint from a distance of 1273m. I can’t for the life of me think of a life-threatening situation where being able to read a paper a kilometre from your vehicle would be handy, but the ability to actually see where you’re going is most definitely a good thing. 

This new range from Lazer comes under the Triple-R banner and we’ll keep on calling them the ‘triple R’ since saying ‘R’ three times makes you sound a bit like a mad dog. I’ll just pause a second while you try that out, out loud. See what I mean? 

So, we already know about Lazer as the company’s lights are fitted to all manner of competition vehicles including WRC cars and no small amount of top-level challenge trucks. And these three new lamps have been designed for the off-road market, where a good spread of light at night can make all the difference between seeing a ditch and ending up in one.

 As well as the peace of mind of seeing where you’re going, and being able to spot hazards early, there is more peace of mind thanks to the five-year warranty and the free lens replacement service – handy if you’re among the rocks. The rugged lamps are all made in the UK and if you want to shed some light on Lazer then go to www.lazerlamps.com.

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