Lighten up!

Originally Published: December 2016

This is the Wilderness Compact 2. It’s half the size of its bigger brother which is… the Compact 4. Maths is clearly your thing. In which case here are some more numbers for you to play with. It’s only small, with two 10W LEDs, yet it produces 1600 lumens. That’s a lot of illumination from such a small unit. It’s also pretty flexible, so you can turn it through 90 degrees, from horizontal to vertical, should you need to. I’m trying and failing to think of a situation where you’d need to do that.

Unless you’d gone upside down and wanted to see the ground I guess, or you were concerned about attack from night fighters and wanted
to help the nearest anti-aircraft battery. So, yes, maybe that’s a useful attribute after all.  What’s equally useful is that you can specify whether you want a flood or a spotlight pattern, depending on what you intended to use the light for. Given how small it is, it could fit quite unobtrusively into a grille or somewhere. Indeed, the company uses the word ‘discreet’. So, useful for surveillance, dogging, that sort of thing.

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