Waymarking Spree on Sailisbury Plain

Originally Published: June 2016 Words: Alan Kidd Pictures: Green Lane Association

THE GREEN LANE ASSOCIATION’S ambitious project to waymark the extraordinary network of trails criss-crossing Salisbury Plain has entered its sixth year. It did so with a campaign of new marking - in GLASS’ own words, ‘we went crazy and decided on a three-day-on-the-trot mini-project to make the most of the auger we hired.’

Following a long weekend in which GLASS’ volunteers were subjected to every kind of weather the Plain could muster, a tired but happy working party could reflect on achieving the bulk of what it had set out to do. Thanks to the association’s initiative, and to the individuals who generously donated their time - as well as paying for all their own fuel - navigating the wonderful but sometimes baffling network of tracks on the Plain is now that bit easier for all.

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