Universal bed rails for 4x4 pick-ups

Originally Published: September 2015

B-G STYLING HAS INTRODUCED A NEW RANGE OF BED RAILS for pick-up trucks. These are available in two different sizes – 1060mm, for full-length pick-ups, and 500mm, to suit double-cabs with a shorter bed.

Sold in pairs, the rails are made from T304 grade stainless steel. They’re made to a 1” diameter and hand-polished to a mirror finish. The 500mm units have mounting points at either end, while the 1060mm jobs have a third at their mid-point for extra strength.  Both versions promise easy installation with no cutting required. They fit directly on to the truck and bolt into place from underneath, so no bolts are visible – keeping a nice, clean look and removing temptation from the inevitable casual thieves with whom we have the
misfortune to share this planet.  Prices per pair are £32.99 for the 500mm rails and £69.98 for the 1060mm unit; both of these include VAT, so if you claim yours back they’ll be that much cheaper. To find out more, visit www.bg-racing.co.uk.

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