The Safest Place Is In Your Footwells

Originally Published: July 2017

A LAND ROVER DEFENDER doesn’t have the largest amount of stowage space, particularly if you want to keep things hidden away from prying eyes. You know how it goes with the children – stash away some sweets pretty much anywhere in the vehicle with the intention of telling them it’s there about halfway through a long journey and, like truffle hounds, they can be guaranteed to have ferreted it out before you’ve managed to reverse off your drive. Well, kids, try this. The Nakatanenga Footwell Safe can be set into the floor either on the left or on the right, and it fits under the carpet so it can’t be seen. It is made of 1.5mm stainless steel which is then powder-coated and comes with a range of locks. The safe is roughly 260mm long and about 100mm high. So if you’re on a big overland trip, it might be just the place to store things you don’t want to be seen or found such as papers and passports. The Footwell Safe is for Puma-era Defenders, although other versions are coming soon. It costs £295 from 4x4 Overlander. The safe is waterproof and dustproof, so as well as keeping your Haribos dry and clean, it means no odour will escape to alert your little monsters to their presence. To find our more, visit

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