Rugged Load Cover For JK Wrangler

Originally Published: July 2016

Rugged Ridge has come up with a practical Rear Cargo Cover for your Jeep. It’s a fabric cover that goes into the cargo area and is secured with a flexible side retention system. It means you can have the rear seats fully or partly folded, yet a front curtain wall will stop pets or whatever from coming forward into the main cabin area. 

The material it’s made from is a water-resistant woven ballistic fabric, so it’ll keep out dirt, debris and of course pets. Since these were designed in Georgia, USA, we’re assuming this includes pets with big fangs or big claws. The covers are quick to put in or out, and will fit any four-door Jeep JK Wrangler model (2007-2016), with a cover for two-door models available later this summer. Check them out on

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