Proper arches for any truck

Originally Published: October 2015

FLEXIBLE WHEELARCH EXTENSIONS aren’t the first thing you think about when you plan a build. But once you’ve bolted on your new set of 37” gumbo mudders and there’s a traffic cop rubbing his hands at the end of your driveway, they soon will be.

We’ve seen all sorts used for this job, from bits of old conveyor belt to arches from the wrong vehicle. Which is exactly what they tend to look like when you’ve mashed them into place.

So wouldn’t it be good if someone would come up with a universal-fit flexi arch to suit whatever kind of 4x4 it is you want to modify?
It would, yes. And, indeed, it is. Because 4x4 Goods has just introduced the Uni-Arch – an impact-resistance wheelarch which can be used on more or less any vehicle.

This comes in two sizes – 7” x 63” and 5” x 48.5”. That’s 178 x 1600mm and 127 x 1350mm in new money. In each case, the kit contains four lengths of flat material which you curve yourself to fit your vehicle and trim to suit with a sharp knife.

Before you go getting all cynical, no they didn’t just buy a huge sheet of rubber and chop it into bits.

‘They are open cast from a polymer-based material and then heat treated to achieve the correct resilience,’ says 4x4 Goods. ‘Each arch is individually cast here in the UK.’ So, it’s not rubbish from, you know, that country, the one that makes rubbish, it’s good stuff – and, having seen some of 4x4 Goods’ other kit in action, we wouldn’t hesitate to use it on a vehicle of our own.

The Uni-Arch is exclusive to 4x4 Goods and comes in a choice of black, blue and yellow finishes. In the 5” size, it costs £87.50 per pair or £155 for a set of four, while in 7” the prices are £109 and £198. For more info, head to

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