Land Rover to Release Phone for Off-road

Originally Published: March 2018

There aren’t many downsides to Land Rovers and 4x4s, but one is that affect they have on other things. Okay, so they don’t actually affect things, but they have a perceived affect. Their robustness can make other things seem fragile in comparison. Like phones for example. If you’ve ever dropped a smartphone, you’ve probably wished it was as robust as your trusty old pick-up.

Well, your prayers have been answered by the Green Oval themselves. The Explore phone has been designed by Land Rover and tech firm Bullitt Group to be prepared for any adventure. This means it has a battery life of two days – with the screen in constant use – and can survive in up to 1.8metres of salty water.

Functions include off-road GPS mapping, access to weather information, an inbuilt compass and an SOS light and the screen can be used with wet or gloved hands. It is fully compatible with Land Rover’s in-car apps, but that doesn't mean it can't come off-road with you in your Land Cruiser.

With the additional Adventure Pack, the phone’s battery life can be doubled and it’s mapping abilities enhanced. The Explore phone will have an accompanying range of accessories that include a bike mount and additional batteries and will be available to order on 26th April at

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