Fabulous Forging

Originally Published: October 2013

What’s the similarity between a cutting-edge Solidworks 3D CAD design and a rough sketch on the back of a fag packet? Forge Motorsport’s bespoke fabrication department says it can dish up the goods in fine style from either, that’s what.

Forge describes its ‘alloy artisans’ as ‘a small but talented team that can crate literally anything for motorsport, specialist manufact-uring or prototyping purposes.’ They promise that there’s no challenge too great – whether you’re needing precise components to let you drop in a unique engine conversion or chunkier items to prevent your truck from getting hammered into a ball of scrap when you take it into the woods.

‘Forge started with a small group of talented fabricators making unique, high quality parts,’ says MD Peter Miles. Since then we have invested heavily in the very latest production technology and CNC machinery to allow us to produce in volume – but we still relish the challenge of creating something totally unique.’

The company doesn’t specialise in off-road stuff by any means, but we’ve detected a definite trend towards bespoke fabrication among 4x4 owners and builders in recent times – and when someone boldly claims that ‘if you can think it, we can make it,’ you know they mean business. ‘If it’s physically possible to be made in any kind of metal, we can definitely do it!’ There they go again. Sounds like they want a challenge.

A visit to www.forgemotorsport.co.uk won’t yield as many pictures of muddy 4x4s as most of the websites that appear on the pages of this magazine. But don’t let that stop you. Whatever you want fabricated, they’re up for it. And the results, they promise, will be (sorry) just fab…


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