Cleanliness Is Next To Tuning...

Originally Published: September 2016

IF YOU EVER FOUND YOURSELF yearning for some extra poke with your smoke, or ideas on how to get your diesel engine running smoother than a baby’s rear, then Tunit could be the company to grant your wishes. 

They are a tuning company (obviously) that focuses entirely on diesel powered motors, which can only mean good things. 

And all you Tdi, Td5 and TDCi owners are in for a treat, because Tunit is now bringing you Diesel Power Plus (DPP). This is a fuel additive suitable for all diesel engines. DPP cleans injection systems, provides a cetane boost and lasts for up to 12 months in the correct dosage, promoting a cleaner, more efficient diesel engine. 

Driver preferences on the mix can be selected to promote additional power and fuel efficiency. This means you can use a cheaper fuel that contains less cleaning agents and get the same results – saving you money. 

Through diligent testing with fleets of Cummins engines in the US, DPP has also been shown to increase fuel efficiency by as much as 11%. To order, just visit

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