Originally Published: June 2016

ADVANCED FUEL MANAGEMENT isn’t something you’re likely to have thought of unless you’re at the top end of the comp safari, rock racing or winch challenge games. But many a modified 4x4 has had its tank replaced or repositioned during the rebuild process – and while an old jerry can and a ratchet strap is enough for some people, if you want to stay healthy this is not a place to be cutting corners.

That’s why Classic World Racing has seen growing demand from the off-road market. To answer this, the company has recently added fuel storage products from Hunsaker to its existing line of Fuel Safe fuel cells – both are already well established back home in the USA, and CWR is looking forward to helping the companies grow their transatlantic sales as their Europe-wide distributor.

Fuel Safe cells are designed with the high impact resistance necessary for track events. This makes them reassuringly over-engineered for the average off-road application. They’re available from stock in a range of sizes made from rigid HDPE, or you can order them custom-built in a flexible composite of nylon fabric coated with flexible polyurethane.

These cells are typically housed inside a steel or alloy case, which 

provides a mounting point within the vehicle. They’re also available with internal pumps, baffles and anti-surge collectors, designed to maintain even fuel delivery at extreme angles while also minimising the amount of vulnerable external fittings.

The new range of Hunsaker fuel churns, meanwhile, allows easy filling, safe storage and quick refuelling. Made from tough HDPE, they’re ideal for transporting fuel to locations off the beaten track – as well as getting it into your truck with the minimum of hassle.

In each case, Classic World Racing promises fast delivery and a trustworthy level of technical back-

up. If you want to find out more, it’s time to pay a visit to

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