Auxilliary Battery Charger for the latest 4x4 engines

Originally Published: December 2016

THE ELOGIC 1225T is a new auxiliary battery charger from Ripca which is designed for use on vehicles with Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines. In particular, it’s designed to ensure trouble-free operation on 4x4s with stop-start technology.

‘On newer engines with intelligent alternators,’ says the importer XS4x4, ‘many of the current DC-to-DC battery chargers will not work. This rules out their use on a lot of late-model 4x4s and pick-ups.  The charging system from Ripca solves this problem.’

The unit can deliver 25A continuous and 30A intermittent charging currents, and has overload and over-temperatiure protection with a fully automatic reset function. It’s regulated against fluctuations in input voltage and output load current, and the battery charging cycle is optimised by control software.

Suitable for use with most makes of absorbed glass mat, gel cell and lead acid batteries, the system has an LED status light to show whether it’s delivering constant current, battery boost or float charging. To find out more, head for

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