Hurst Clough Lane Confirmed as Byway

Originally Published: September 2015

A popular lane in the peak district has been rescued from closure, after Derbyshire County Council confirmed its status as that of a Byway Open to All Traffic.

Hurst Clough Lane, near Bamford, which was previously an unclassified public highway, was subject to a BOAT claim filed prior to 2006 when the NERC guillotine fell. The claim was initially rejected by the county council, but following the submission of further evidence it conducted its own investigation following which, in 2012, it proposed to classify the route as a BOAT.

Confirmation of the decision has been delayed since then by objections from anti-4x4 campaigners, however with Hurst Clough Lane now correctly classified this corner of the Peak District can look forward to receiving more visits from motor vehicle users – whose contribution to the local economy has dwindled since the closure of nearby Stanage Edge.

Commenting on the happy news from Derbyshire, the Green Lane Association points out that this highlights the importance of user evidence. Without this, byway claims made prior to NERC which are still being processed may end in lanes being incorrectly downgraded.

All county councils are required to list current Definitive Map Modification Orders (DMMOs) on their websites. You can check there to see if any are in process for unclassified county roads you’ve driven in the past – if so, submitting a user evidence form can help tilt the balance in favour of the lane being correctly recorded as a BOAT. For more information on how you can participate in helping to save Britain’s rights of way, visit the GLASS website at

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