New Range of Cargo Nets from MUD-UK

Originally Published: September 2014

MUD-UK has added two new options to its range of netting products for keeping cargo under control. The first is a hammock-style affair measuring a sizeable 1050 x 270mm; the second is a ‘load bed’ net, which stretches from 630 x 1000mm to 950 x 1000mm, should you require that extra bit of coverage.

Both nets can be easily installed in virtually any vehicle, and the hammock net comes with four carabena-style hooks to anchor easily into position. The nets use high quality close-weave elasticised netting and are manufactured in Germany by the same company that makes them for Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche.

The 1050 x 270mm Hammock Net costs £20 including VAT, with the Cargo Net priced at £24. Head for and they’ll soon be yours.


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