MM4x4 Launches Budget-Priced 48" Curved Light Bar

Originally Published: July 2017

YOU CAN JUST SEE CROCODILE DUNDEE with one of these. ‘That’s not a light bar.’ Pulls out this four-foot long LED monstrosity which he’s conveniently stored between his shoulders. ‘This is a light bar.’ And indeed it is. What a whopper. It’s a curved 48” so it lights up not just what’s ahead but what’s on the periphery as well. There will be no escape when this thing fires up all its 100 LED spot bulbs. Probably not the thing for a bit of mood lighting in your sitting room, but just the thing when you’re off-road in Wales and it’s getting dark and dingy. If you fancy scaring animals and low-flying birds anywhere in your vicinity, then check this out at MM 4x4’s website at where you’ll find it for £200 minus 1p.

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